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    Data Visualisation for Scientists - Angela Morelli & Tom Gabriel Johansen - June 27/28 (Utrecht)Interactive Data Visualisation with Svelte and D3 - Matthias Stahl - July 1/2 (Utrecht)Datavisualisaties in de zorg - Sara Sprinkhuizen - September 11 (Utrecht)Data Physicalisation - Melinda Sipos - not plannedData Sonification - Miriam Quick & Duncan Geere - not plannedData Storytelling - Evelina Judeikyte - not plannedData Strategy Design - Leticia Pozza - not plannedData-viz Drawing - Stefanie Posavec - not plannedFinding Elegance: designing with data - Federica Fragapane - not plannedGraphical literacy - Andy Kirk - not plannedInfographic storytelling - Valentina D'Efilippo - not plannedThe Visual Design of Data - Andy Kirk, Valentina D'Efilippo & Stefanie Posavec - not plannedMore information about Incompany Training

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