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    Creative Coding & Artwork in the browser - Matt DeslauriersData / Designed - Stefanie Posavec & Jonathan SchwabishData Sonification - Miriam Quick & Duncan GeereData Strategy Design - Leticia PozzaData-viz Drawing - Stefanie PosavecDatavisualisaties in de zorg - Sara Sprinkhuizen (training is vol - inschrijving wachtlijst)Effective Data Communication in Excel - Jonathan SchwabishFinding Elegance: designing with data - Federica FragapaneGraphical literacy - Andy KirkInfographic storytelling - Valentina D'EfilippoOnline Data Visualisation (D3.js) - Scott MurrayPresenting Data Effectively - Stephanie EvergreenThe Visual Design of Data - Andy Kirk, Valentina D'Efilippo & Stefanie PosavecMore information about Incompany Training

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