Ozgenur Korlu, April 2024

The 'Finding Elegance: Designing with Data' training led by Federica Fragapane and organized by Graphic Hunters was exceptional! Before this training, when asked about tools used in data visualization, my only response was 'Well... Excel?'. These two half-days opened up a new world to me, showcasing powerful tools and techniques that have transformed my approach to data visualization. Federica's clear, engaging teaching style and the practical exercises we did were particularly impactful. I now feel equipped and inspired to take on more complex projects. Perfect online education is indeed possible, and I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in elevating their data visualization skills.

Elisabeth, December 2023

Andy Kirk's Graphical Literacy training was an inspiring introduction to data visualization. Andy is an enthusiastic speaker and certainly an expert on the topic. His approach to the process of data visualization is unique, and we have seen numerous examples of interesting visual design choices. The organization by Graphic Hunters was perfect, as always! I would recommend this course to people working with data, who are looking for a first introduction into data visualization with examples from a broad range of topics.

Armand van Amersfoort, Creates, December 2023

The training by Andy Kirk was golden! Two days filled with invaluable insights into data visualization, combining theory and hands-on exercises. Mastering the art of choosing the right visualizations for meaningful insights was a game-changer. Hosted in the stunning Anatomy Building in Utrecht by Goof van de Winkel from Graphic Hunters, this 2-day session was a highlight of 2023 for me.

Puck van Boekel, December 2023

The training Graphical Literacy was very well organized by Graphic Hunters. The venue was amazing and a great setting for learning about Data Visualisation. Andy Kirk is an inspiring teacher. He very clearly explains the do's and don't's in Data Visualisation and is able to do this in a fun way.

Gheorghita Miruna, December 2023

Everything was neatly organized and the venue was absolutely amazing. Great hosts, insightful training and inspiring people. I am grateful for having the chance to participate.

Thijs Leufkens, November 2023

The Data Strategy Design training by Leticia Pozza, organized by Graphic Hunters, provided invaluable practical insights for implementing data strategies in any organization via a whopping 16 step approach which doesn’t even feel overwhelming! I highly recommend this training for anyone looking to strengthen their organization with a robust data strategy.

Jasmin Rocha, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, October 2022

"Drawing Data" was one of the most inspiring trainings I attended on data visualizations. I am trained in data analysis rather than visualization and the training helped me to really explore this part of working with data. Drawing data is quite hard but it helped me approach the process of creating a data visualization in a more thoughtful, creative and most importantly fun way. Stefanie is a great trainer and Goof is an amazing host. Very welcoming and super well organized, thanks so much!

Crystelle Bédard, November 2022

The Data-Viz Drawing training by Stefanie Posavec was a masterclass. The day schedule was packed with theory (including great visual art references) and practical exercices, all very inspiring. Stefanie offered excellent guidance through the data viz process and gave valuable feedback on each of our drawing explorations. Special thanks to Goof, our friendly host. I will definitely keep an eye of the 2023 training program!

Alin Yalcinkaya, November 2022

I am glad I came across the Graphic Hunters ads about 2 years ago and luckily they also run online sessions. When I first saw the workshop with one of my favorite information designers, I immediately registered. Meeting Federica Fragapane and learning from her was an excellent opportunity to enhance my design perspective. Observing how others make design decisions was eye-opening, too. I am looking forward to attending more workshops in the future. Thank you!

Corinna Zander, October 2022

Matt desLauries's Workshop "Creative Coding" was an awesome experience for me. There was so much inspiration and useful advises for quick and impressing results coding generative art and dataviz in the browser. Thanks for that "hands-on"-training - I took a lot from that. And thank you, Goof, for the professional organization, I felt very comfortable with everything.

Marly Buitenhuis, October 2022

Excellent hands-on training by Andy Kirk that covers the entire design-process of any data visualization, regardless of medium or application.Suitable for beginners as well as advanced people.

Natalia Berger, October 2022

Andy Kirk's training in Graphical Literacy was a very intensive and valuable experience, and it was undoubtedly worth my money and time. Each session was formed as a perfect mix of theory (the "evergreens" of the visualisation craft), thoroughly chosen examples and exercises.

Vincent van der Vliet, October 2022

Andy Kirk gives a very methodical and very rich, well-researched look on data, dataviz and the editorial process behind it. With a great balance in theory, practice, and humour, his courses are a joy to attend. To top things off, he does so in a great, beautiful, and accessible location.

Dan Armstrong, June 2022

Learning D3, a JavaScript library used to create interactive visuals in the browser, has been an aspirational goal for years. But the learning curve is steep and I constantly ran into obstacles that derailed my progress. The best resource I could find was Scott Murray's D3 book, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, and I was delighted to learn that Scott was teaching a three-day D3 course through Graphic Hunters.

Scott's a great teacher: knowledgeable, caring, humble, and tolerant of beginners. He walked us through the basics, then turned us loose on our own datasets. After years of haphazard progress, the combination of the course and the much-improved third edition of Scott's book has helped me move D3 into my toolbox.

By itself, the course isn't enough - D3 is hard, and you'll still have to do a lot of work on your own. But if you need a catalyst to get unstuck, you can't do better than to check out Graphic Hunters and enlist Scott as your guide.

Marly Buitenhuis, June 2022

The training Presenting Data Effectively presented by Stephanie Evergreen was very well organized and I learned a lot of useful things that I haven’t found in any book. What really stood out to me is that Stephanie bases all of her work and material on scientific research. There is quite some attention for creating attractive and effective graphs in Excel so if that’s the application you’re working with, this is definitely a good training for you!

Guiselaine Capella, June 2022

I love going to offline all-day workshops of Graphic Hunters. Goof handles everything very well from subscription, payment process, information beforehand, during the workshop and afterwards. I am always looking into the list of all-day workshops for new ways to make my DataViz knowledge stay UpToDate. Sometimes they are already sold out, but there are always more than one I want to follow. On the day itself, I am greeted friendly by Goof and the one giving the workshop with tea and an energy shot! Lunch is great, there is always some left for participants to eat on their way home. The options between different kinds of Tony Choconelly are always waiting for me and determines where I end up sitting for the workshop.

Anna Dehtiarova, June 2022

The training Presenting Data Effectively was very well organized. The material combined theory presented in a very engaging way by Stephanie Evergreen and extraordinary practical assessments which altogether has brought a lot of value. I will use gained knowledge in my future projects for sure.

Maarten van de Poel, June 2022

Wil je meer weten over de wetenschappelijke kant achter de consumptie van een datavisualisatie? De training Datavisualisaties in de Zorg geeft je inzicht hoe het menselijk brein datavisualisaties opneemt en tips en trucs om daar zo goed mogelijk bij aan te sluiten.

Joely Rogers, April 2022

I am new to data visualization and the workshop Data-viz Drawing was a great introduction on ways to think about data and illustrate it.

Daisy Pieterse, April 2022

Ik vond de training Datavisualisaties in de zorg erg waardevol! Je kunt merken dat Sara Sprinkhuizen veel ervaring, kennis en passie heeft op dit onderwerp en haar enthousiasme werkt aanstekelijk! Daarbij kun je laagdrempelig vragen stellen en wordt de kennis op een interactieve manier overgebracht. Erg fijn om in de training met je eigen werk aan de slag te gaan, zodat je direct de kennis kunt toepassen in de praktijk.

Federico Fontana, April 2022

Stefanie was great in delivery such an introduction to data drawing. The course outline and its structure was able to work as a perfect catalyst for inspiration and initiative for further development of personal skills. Her enthusiasm was driving my attention all the time!

Elisabeth, March 2022

Ik heb de training Datavisualisaties in de Zorg als erg waardevol ervaren! Sara is erg kundig en enthousiast, en de training bevat veel vernieuwende, nuttige tips die je meteen - zelfs al tijdens de training - kunt toepassen op je eigen werk.

Grażyna Ostrowska / ILLUS-ICONS-INFOGRAPHICS, February 2022

Have absolutely enjoyed the online training with Federica Fragapane ""Finding Elegance; Designing with Data" - it was a truly great guidance through the process, from analysing and choosing the data, transforming it into graphs and designing the suitable visual alphabet. Really a satisfying learning experience plus an excellent hosting & organisation by Goof van de Winkel (Graphic Hunters). Thank you! :)

Candan Eylül Kilsedar, December 2021

Stefanie Posavec's approach to creativity in a structured manner enables anyone to get started on their own creative journey fast, which I think may help to remove the blocks in the process. The training also had a good balance of practice and theory and the theory touches upon all the basic principles of data visualization. She also provided a lot of references and valuable resources in her presentation, so anyone who wants to go deeper into the subject knows where to go. Overall, I think it is great for anyone at any level intrigued by data visualization.

Alin Yalcinkaya, December 2021

As an instructional design student, I discovered my interest in information design a while ago and I learned "data can be everything". Since then, I have been following Stefanie Posavec's and Giorgia Lupi's work. Getting the professional approach from one of the big names in the field was the greatest gift of the year. I am so excited to start my next individual project using what I learned in the workshop Data-viz Drawing. Thank you!

Cameron Morgan, December 2021

I was sent one of their programs through Instagram and signed up on a whim. Best decision — from the organization of the flow to the actual training of Data-viz Drawing, the program was seamless, even in a virtual space. I appreciate the level which they met the participants at. Will definitely be attending another workshop soon.

Todor Kiriakov, November 2021

As a Learning & Development professional, I can only admire the way in which Graphic Hunters organise and deliver their training courses. Valentina D'Efilippo is an inspiring professional who really helps unlock the joy and the value of infographics.

Angela Lynn, November 2021

I really loved the Finding Elegance in Data training with Federica Fragapane. I learned about several new tools that I'm excited to play with and lots of features in Illustrator I never knew about - and I've been using it for 15 years now! Most of all, I love the methodology of thinking about data, the story we are exploring, and staying open and curious throughout the process. It was beautiful to see how everyone engaged with the data in such unique and creative ways. Inspiring training! Thank you!

Herma Antens, November 2021

Het was mooi te zien en te merken hoeveel passie Sara Sprinkhuizen had op dit onderwerp van Datavisualisaties in de zorg. Haar enthousiasme werkte zeer aanstekelijk! Knap ook hoe zij zoveel kennis in korte tijd en voor een 'leek' duidelijk over wist te brengen.

Anne-Marie Dufour, September 2021

I loved the small group set-up at the training Finding Elegance, which made me feel at ease. And getting direct feedback from a professional of the level of Frederica Fragapane was priceless!

Marion Lee, September 2021

I really enjoyed Stefanie's Data-Viz Drawing class. It was informative and really challenged the way I think about visualizing data. I liked how the course was structured and how organized it was. I look forward to taking more classes in the future.

Sarah Engelhard, June 2021

I enjoyed the training Infographic Storytelling with Valentina D'Efilippo very much. Valentina is an excellent speaker. Her presentation was paced and structured well. The dataviz examples she discussed were inspiring and topical. She assigned exercises that I found relevant and fun. Graphic Hunters facilitated the training very well. Communication with Goof van de Winkel was quick and friendly. The group of participants was not large which made the atmosphere personal and inclusive. Despite the online format, the interactive and hands-on group exercises were fun. I started the training with a certain fear of datavisualization but ended every day inspired and motivated to learn more.

Sarah Poletti / European Space Agency, June 2021

If you are looking for a good training on infographic and data visualisation, this one is for you. We learned all the steps for a truthful and engaging infographics/data viz. Valentina D'Efilippo manages perfectly to train our critical eyes through diverse examples. She knows her subject very well but also sharing tones of great references (artists, books, programs etc...). One of my best data viz training so far!

Sarah Poletti / European Space Agency, June 2021

Since I discovered the amazing work of Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi on "Dear data" my relationship with data changed drastically. There is so much fun and personal touch in this work! I was so glad when Graphic Hunters proposed a training with Stefanie. It was two, very interesting and out of the box thinking, days. Thumbs up for Goof (Graphic Hunters) for still being able to organise high quality trainings despite the pandemic!

Cecilia Fernandez Moores, June 2021

I did the Data-viz drawing workshop with Stefanie Posavec and enjoyed it very much. She is super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing her expertise. The workshop had a good mix of theory and practice. The whole experience with Graphic Hunters was very professional. I got all the information needed before and after the workshop, and Goof was a great host. I will definitely recommend it, this specific workshop and the platform in general. Thank you Stef and Goof for everything!

Lien Foubert, January 2021

I absolutely loved this training. Valentina D'Efilippo is a brilliant designer and I feel really privileged for having had the opportunity to hear her talking in such an honest and open-minded way. She also made it clear that visual storytelling is a method that is accessible to all, and not only those with a rare talent in design or art. I loved how she gave us tons of advice, tips and tricks, digital tools and further reading. I feel like I have enough to read and try out for another month and more. The training was well-organised with clear communication before, during and after the training. Thanks Goof for making it so easy to join this training!

Annelies Sewell, January 2021

Valentina D'Efilippo created an inspiring, interactive and collaborative workshop on Infographic Storytelling which was not only jam-packed with useful insights, but also fostered good connections with other course mates.

Bob Coulter, December 2020

The training Effective Data Communication in Excel with Jonathan Schwabish was a fantastic learning experience: Very well focused on a few "high-leverage" Excel tools, and with enough depth to really understand what you are doing and see where to apply the tools to your own work. The tutorials and templates will support quite a bit of further learning.

Andrew Singleton, October 2020

Excellent course that builds a solid foundation for making charts in D3. The teaching was clear and easy to follow and the instructor was open to answering all questions and solving problems. Adapted the training to COVID enforced remote learning really well.

Michelle Helman Consulting, September 2020

Data Visualization is essential in my work designing, facilitating and evaluating effective communication and decision making. The Presenting Data Effectively training was totally on point and fun! Graphic Hunters streamlined coordination logistics and friendly customer service made my experience fluid and easy, thank you!

Susan Missler / Institute for Human Services, September 2020

Graphic Hunters was so easy to work with - Goof made things simple and clear, and was very responsive to processing the online payment (USD to EU)! So straightforward to enroll and attend; wish it was that easy everywhere!

Sarah Lyman / Farm to Institution, September 2020

Stephanie Evergreen's course was one of the best I've attended. Her pace kept us hyper-focused; her enthusiasm and humor kept us engaged - the time flew by. I feel like she invited us to tap into her brain - it was as close to a Vulcan mind-meld as we can get!

Kristin Rowles, June 2020

The training greatly improved my abilities to use Excel for data visualization in just a few hours. Jonathan Schwabish is a good teacher with clear communications and good materials to support participant learning.

Rolf Rosing, June 2020

Three hours of pure data visualisation in Excel. It's a super compact, high energy and fast training for experienced users. Jon Schwabish is very clear in his instructions, and it's easy to connect with him for additional questions.

Ling-Hsuan Wang, June 2020

As a designer curious about creative coding, I was impressed by how thoughtfully designed the online training was for people with different levels of skills. I learned about what's possible in the broad realm of making art with code and data. The trainer Matt DesLauriers was helpful, and we were provided with a well-organized list of resources for continuous learning. I walked away inspired and excited about what I can start making.

Fabien Benetou, June 2020

The online workshop with Matt DesLauriers was really fun and opened up new perspectives for me. It was really a privilege to be able to learn from an artist and coder whose work I've been admiring for years. The afternoon on Creative Coding & Data Artwork in the browser felt way too short and it made me think that I don't do enough trainings!

Marly Buitenhuis, February 2020

On february 13th I attended the training Data-viz Drawing hosted by Stefanie Posavic. Stefanie helped us step by step to develop different sets of rules to visualise data. It was a lot of fun to do and very educative! By the end of the day I was doing stuff I could never have imagined!

Koen Van den Eeckhout, February 2020

Graphic Hunters provides what every data designer needs to never stop learning. Excellently organised workshops on highly relevant topics by world-class trainers. Absolutely recommended if you are looking for an effective way to improve your data design skills!

Irene Kamp / HvA, February 2020

I loved the workshop Data-viz Drawing, because (1) it was very well organised (enough messages at the right time, great location, good lunch, ...) (2) the trainer is an expert in the field and is enthusiastic, knowledgable and able to transfer the knowledge in an informal way. It was really nice to sit in a small group (11 people) and receive valuable feedback! (3) a day without a laptop = great :). Thanks!

Diederik Bakker, December 2019

Great refresher or starter into the field of information graphics! Two day journey through the do's, don'ts and why's around visualising information, lead by an inspiring trainer (Juan Velasco) with impressive credentials in the field

Marly Buitenhuis / ABN AMRO, December 2019

In december 2019 I attended the 2-days training 'Information graphics for print and online' hosted by Juan Vélasco that was organised by Graphic Hunters. The content of the training was of very high quality, Juan shared the knowledge he gathered throughout his career as art director with National Geographic an The New York Times with us in a very interactive way. There was enough room to ask him about anything and there was attention for both print and online. Goof also did an awesome job in organizing the training. He informed us very well about all of the details (e.g. location, what to bring, what to expect). And as a 'cherry on top' Goof had put a Tony's Chocolonely bar on each of the participants desks!

Christian Dietrich, December 2019

Excellent, hands-on workshop that struck a stimulating balance between showcasing and explaining some outstanding dataviz, and using those for inspiration in subsequent exercises. I particularly appreciated Juan's insightful and sharp feedback from an editorial and art direction point of view.

Anne Morel, November 2019

The trainer was great and the venue was very inspiring. It was a great opportunity to flex my creative muscle and to connect with people from different background and different approach of data visualisation.

Maike Gold, October 2019

I had a great time in participating the infographic storytelling training and I am sure that I can use the contents in my every day work life as data analyst. Valentina was very inspiring and a great teacher. Organization of the training was perfect, allowing a great learning environment.

Edoardo Polito, October 2019

I have participated in the workshop Creative Dataviz Design with Jan Willem Tulp. It has been an amazing introduction on how to create an impactful and creative data visualization. I was delighted with how practical the workshop was, with so many actionable insights that I started to use immediately next week at work. From chart types to graphic marks manipulation, the workshop has provided me with a toolbox I can use in my everyday work tasks.

Bianca Scholten / ASML, June 2019

Infographic Storytelling is a powerful training by an enthusiastic expert with strong practical experience and excellent teaching skills. I loved it!

Tamal Harel, June 2019

Data Viz Drawing is meant for anyone who wishes to get their hands dirty and become more familiar with whatever set of data they are working with. Stephanie Posavec, one part of the duo behind the Dear Data project and books, knows the in’s and out’s of data visualization and the well-rounded training offers a quick dive into the theory behind the topic combined with hands-on expereince and learning. Plus, Graphic Hunters do an amazing work to orchestrate all of it and you feel weel taken care of from begining to end. You will leave this day with some new tools in your pocket and a smile on your face. Enjoy.

Annemarthe Wijnen, June 2019

Each training I have followed with Graphic Hunters has been of excellent quality, leaving me with many new insights on data visualisation and design that I can use in my daily work as an information designer. Moreover it has been an excellent way to network and meet more like-minded people. I highly recommend working with Goof and his team.

Greta Castellana, March 2019

I’ve spent a pleasant and insightful day at the Data/Designed workshop. Stefanie Posavec and Jonathan Schwabish shared resources, best practices and their personal knowledge and view on the DataViz field. As a participant, you can expect an exceptionally well-organised training. Goof will make sure you know what to expect, he will make you comfortable interacting with industry leaders and follow-up with you with the workshop materials. If you are looking for an extremely well-organised inspiring workshop in data visualization, make sure to attend a training by Graphic Hunters!

Petra Jeurissen, March 2019

Great training! Good balance between lecture and practical exercises, broad range of subjects concerning datavisualisation and nice atmosphere during the training. Thank you Juan and Goof!

Astrid van der Poel, January 2019

Wat een ontzettend leuke training is Data-viz Drawing gegeven door Stefanie Posavec. Laat alle hokjes en richtlijnen los die je vanuit je huidige functie meeneemt en geef je over aan de vrije creatieve manier van data tekenen. Na deze training ben je geïnspireerd, en heb je nieuwe handvatten en methoden om je data te visualiseren.

Tricia Okin / PaperCutny, January 2019

Stefanie Posavec’s hand drawn data visualization workshop at Graphic Hunters was entirely worth the time and energy you would put into a full day workshop. My main goal was to understand how to process, organize and interpret data in a way that would be understandable to someone else. The workshop met these expectations and more. Stefanie is an enthusiastic artist-teacher who gave clear examples of data visualization in the art world and broke down the process very well. I loved the warm up exercises with the charcoal and being tactile. It was a warm initiation into expressing one’s self and thinking about more ways to represent concepts other than boxes and arrows. The later exercises dealing with printed data helped me recognize, remember and tap into the data analysis skills learned as a kid in school or math classes. This helped ease anxiety about “working with data”, thus making me feel that anyone could do it. Lastly, I’m thankful for the “Dear Data” book included as part of the workshop. I’ve been opening it and reading a few pages at a time. The drawings are charming and I am constantly blown away by all the different ways people can represent data, even daily life kind of data. This was a great experience and I’m definitely recommending workshops at Graphic Hunters to other creative colleagues going forward. Thank you for a great day of learning!

Mette Jeppesen / Tanke-Streger, January 2019

I work as a graphic facilitator and graphic recorder and I’m often in a situation where I would like to visualize data in a more inspirational and softer way than the usual bars and graphs – I did not know exactly what to expect but I am overwhelmed by the big and beautiful landscape of data that I was introduced to by Stefanie Posavec – and I am completely in love with the Dear Data project. I am already using what I learned and I highly recommend the course.

Leonie Haas / De Merkarchitect, January 2019

Wat een ontzettend leuke, verrassende en inspirerende training! De Data-Viz training van Stefanie Posavec heeft mij gebracht dat ik op een andere manier naar data ben gaan kijken, terwijl ik in mijn beleving hier al heel creatief mee om ging in mijn werk. Dat kon dus nog creatiever en anders. Naast de duidelijke uitleg, inspirerende voorbeelden en vele – hersenkrakende – oefeningen heb ik ook leuke andere professionals leren kennen. Door te zien hoe anderen data en een oefening interpreteren kwam ik ook weer tot nieuwe inzichten. Voor wie uitgedaagd wil worden in het anders omgaan met data, een leuke dag wil hebben en lekker creatief bezig wil zijn met krijt, potlood, stift, etc. raad ik deze dag absoluut aan!

Cathelijn Waaijer, January 2019

I loved this training on data visualization from two enthusiastic experts with complementary backgrounds. They made me want to go to my job and directly apply what they told.

Rolf Rosing, January 2019

De combinatie van de strakke zakelijke aanpak van Jonathan Schwabish en de vrije artistieke invulling van datavisualisatie door Stefanie Posavec was bijzonder inspirerend. Beiden hadden een goede verdeling tussen een lezing en zelf aan de slag gaan en het was daardoor een hele afwisselende dag. De locatie was perfect, een ruime, rustige en centraal gelegen plek midden in het centrum van Amsterdam, geen saaie hotel- of kantoorlocatie aan de rand van de stad.

Herwin Schonewille, November 2018

It is always very nice to be trained by top professionals, and Stefanie is for sure one of them! In her Data-viz drawing workshop Stefanie very clearly explains the visualization process based on her own work. With the hands-on exercises she provides the participants with a toolbox and insights so they can take their own data visualizations to the next level. Highly recommended!

Pere Rovira / OneTandem, November 2018

Data-viz drawing with Stefanie Posavec was a great way to think out of the box in regards to data visualization. As a data visualization designer, I mainly use web technologies and tools like Tableau. Learning to draw with data helps me develop new, creative ways to communicate data. It is also a great way to become better at rapid prototyping, a fundamental step to create successful data visualizations that meet client expectations. Data-viz drawing is also a really fun course, it was such a long time I did use charcoal, and that transported me to fond memories of my childhood.

Vincent van der Vliet, November 2018

The Data Visualisation workshop I followed at Graphic Hunters totally blew me away. Stefanie Posavec is very knowledgeable about the subject, and manages to get advanced subject across in a personable and well-paced way. Challenging, fulfilling and very inspiring.

Jordie Hoogervorst / FOX Networks Group Benelux, October 2018

Tijdens de training Creatieve Datavisualisatie Technieken heb ik een hoop inspiratie opgedaan die ik meteen heb kunnen toepassen in mijn werk als Business Analyst. De training, gegeven door Nadieh Bremer, laat perfect zien dat er zoveel mogelijkheden zijn bij het overbrengen van jouw verhaal, meer dan dat je in eerste instantie zelf zou denken. De boodschap van de dag voor mij was “verbreed je horizon” en het was heel cool om allerlei voorbeelden te zien van datavisualisatie projecten die met zoveel creativiteit en vindingrijkheid gemaakt zijn. Nadieh maakte iedereen enthousiast en liet vooral zien dat je met genoeg oefening hele mooie dingen kan maken. De groep deelnemers was erg divers wat het tijdens de groepsopdrachten ook extra interessant maakte. De dag zelf was verder ook goed geregeld door Graphic Hunters. Kortom, voor iedereen die zijn databevindingen wat creatieve kracht wil bijzetten echt een aanrader!

Silvia Wientjes, October 2018

De training Creatieve Datavisualisatie Technieken bood veel gedegen en verrassende informatie met inspiratie en zinnige oefeningen.

Sara Sprinkhuizen, August 2018

I can highly recommend Graphic Hunters workshops. They are very well organized and it is clear how dedicated Goof is to making sure everyone has the best possible learning experience. I attended “Beautiful Insights: datavis for scientists” by Moritz Stefaner. Moritz is highly experienced and a fantastic teacher, who took time for theory, practice, lots of examples, useful hands-on exercises, and even feedback on our own work. I learned a lot and had a great day overall!

Gabriela Molina Leon / University of Bremen, August 2018

I attended the workshop “Beautiful Insights: Dataviz for scientists” with Moritz Stefaner, which was a special opportunity to meet people from diverse scientific backgrounds, working on data visualization. Moritz is a great teacher, motivated and patient – guiding us through the basics of data visualization and showing us how to analyze existing work. We did not only learn from a well-known expert, but also from the experience and interaction with the whole group! The location in Utrecht was beautiful, and the organization of the workshop impeccable. I can only recommend the workshops organized by Graphic Hunters, which I hope to attend a next time!

Sarah Poletti / European Space Agency, August 2018

The training I followed with Graphic Hunters was 2 days of “Finding elegance: designing with data” with Federica Fragapane. We were able to think out of the box and out of our comfort zone with a very inspiring clay workshop. I liked a lot to be out of my normal day to day routine, and work on new data that I am not usually dealing with. Meeting new people coming from different culture and professional background was very inspiring. The training was very well organised in a beautiful place in Utrecht. I will do my best to come back as soon as possible.

Ines Morais / RNW Media, August 2018

The training was informative and made me look to data visualisation in a more carefully and different way. It opened my mind, made me think out of the box and made me pay more attention to details. Now I know that dataviz can be more than pie charts and simple graphs. With this design subject we can be creative too and design different ways to visualise data in a beautiful and pleasant way. Federica Fragapane is a really talented designer and her work inspired me to do my designs even better. I learn a lot with her on “Finding elegance: designing with data”. She supported us individually during the practical exercises and helped us to think and consolidate our ideas. The group of participants was also great. We were curious, and we shared all our ideas and gave feedback to each other on what could still be improved in the exercises we did during the two days course. The organisation was good too. Really cool experience.

Boris Benko, May 2018

This was the first time I was attending the Graphic Hunters workshop (Data Viz Drawing with Stefanie Posavec). An outstanding experience! We’ve worked in a small group made of people from all over the world. The workshop was intense, with a lot of practical examples and real-life data visualizations. Stefanie is a great teacher who pushed our limits beyond expectations which resulted in creating a whole new world of innovative data visualizations and accompanying sets of rules to successfully read these – all without the use of any digital devices – we did all by our hands, pencils and pens! The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with a nice choice of food and drinks for lunch, all handled by our great host Goof! I definitely plan to come back again and attend more interesting workshops in the future!

Eva Polakovicova / UTZ, April 2018

The Data-viz drawing with Stefanie Posavec is the best workshop I have ever attended. It is an amazing hands-on workshop that makes you perceive data visualization in a new way – as a creative challenge. Stefanie leads you though the steps of the ‘analog’ data-drawing process in a safe learning environment, where you immediately get in the flow of experimenting, making mistakes, learning from them and improving.

Luuk Schokker / Centre for BOLD Cities - Erasmus Universiteit, March 2018

De tweedaagse workshop ‘Data Walking’ met David Hunter was een enorm geslaagde ervaring. In de twee dagen werd een mooie brug geslagen tussen theorie en praktijk, waarbij alle deelnemers werden uitgedaagd en geënthousiasmeerd om zelf creatief aan de slag te gaan. Leuk om te zien hoe mensen vanuit verschillende disciplines elk de ruimte kregen om hun eigen kennis en vaardigheden onderdeel te laten uitmaken van de workshop. Dit alles werd door Graphic Hunters uitstekend georganiseerd en verzorgd – zeker een aanrader!

Tom Jansen / VUmc RIVM, March 2018

Ik heb de training Creatieve Datavisualisatie Technieken van Nadieh Bremer gevolgd. Een leerzame dag vol met inzichten, praktische tools en tips die je uit je standaard denkkader halen om zo op een aantrekkelijke manier het beste uit je data te halen. Van ontvangst tot afronding was de cursus erg goed georganiseerd. Complimenten.

Olga Karpus, March 2018

Nadieh is een zeer deskundige en enthousiaste trainer. Ze deelt graag haar eigen ervaring en legt stap voor stap het creatieve proces uit. Nadieh geeft je het gevoel dat alles met datavisualisatie mogelijk is. Haar oefeningen zijn handig om meer praktisch datavisualisatie te leren. Wat een inspiratiebron!

Katerina Gavrilo, January 2018

It was my second training organised by Graphic Hunters. Everything is top notch! The location, the email support before training, snacks, timing! Andy Kirk is a great trainer — very professional, relaxed, amazing story-teller. During the training we worked in teams, doing small related tasks and gradually building up for the bigger assignment. Overall it was a very insightful, fun and inspiring experience!

Jochem Boersma / Witteveen+Bos, December 2017

Dominikus Baur heeft ons in twee dagen meegenomen in de online datavisualisaties. Theoretisch over de perceptie van visualisaties, praktisch over implementeren van visualisaties. Ik vond het een uitdagende stoomcursus, heb veel informatie opgezogen en zit nu vol ideeën om de informatie praktisch toe te passen in mijn werk.

Filip De Blois / Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, November 2017

Valentina is a superb expert on the subject of data visualisation and storytelling. The course is information dense and gives a good introduction to all skills and tools needed. Even for people who already work in this field (like me) there is enough to learn in this course.

Ben Lambregts / Van Beek, November 2017

Onlangs heb ik de workshop ‘Creatieve Datavisualisatie Technieken’ gevolgd. Het was een erg inspirerende dag, vol met interessante invalshoeken om mee aan de slag te gaan. Er werden bruikbare tips & voorbeelden gegeven en we kregen ook te zien ‘hoe het niet moet’. Tussendoor werkten we in kleine groepjes aan het tekenen van visualisaties. Tevens was er de mogelijkheid om tussendoor gerichte vragen te stellen, wat ik persoonlijk erg fijn vond. Kortom: een geslaagde, waardevolle en leerzame dag.

Ben de Jong / ABN AMRO, August 2017

Ik vond het echt gaaf om nu eens van een Nederlandse trainer een training te krijgen op dit vlak. Nadieh is echt een talent en ik vind dat zij prachtige werk maakt. Zij heeft met de training Creatieve Datavisualisatie Technieken mij verder geholpen om in mijn werk betere en daarnaast ook mooiere visualisatie te gaan maken.

Corline van Es / Open State Foundation, June 2017

I absolutely loved Stefanie Posavec’s Graphic Hunters training. Instead of the eagerly poring data in familiar visualization tools, we experienced playing with data with materials like charcoal and pencils, which brought me closer to data, analysis and their story. Highly recommendable!

Mireille Beumer, June 2017

Eén en al creativiteit, gecombineerd met structuur. Dat is de verkorte samenvatting van de training ‘Data-Viz Drawing’ van Stefanie Posavec. Ontdekken welke variaties met houtskool mogelijk zijn, leren welke aanpak je hanteert om data te analyseren en te structureren, en uiteindelijk zelf aan de slag met een eigen data visualisatie. Stapsgewijs begeleidt Stefanie je door dit proces. Met veel voorbeelden, een heldere uitleg en gerichte feedback op jouw creatie. Voor mij is deze training de opening naar de wereld van Data Visualisatie. Mijn vuurtje is aangewakkerd!

Angelica Corsi, May 2017

As a Business Intelligence analyst, I am very satisfied to have attended the Graphical Literacy course. Not only it provided me with a very clear, linear and systematic overview on the concepts and techniques I apply every day in my job for treating and representing data, but it was a great inspiration and stimulus to my creativity. I am much more critical towards my visual choices and I found a better focus on the final user rather than on what pleases me as an analyst. Spending more time to think through a visual can add great value to your stories. I also discovered how great an ally is paper for releasing our creative potential and arrive quite efficiently to a first draft of our representation. I recommend this course to anyone passionate about visualization (both for work or studies) who would like to challenge his/ her current knowledge of data visualization.

Freek van Gorkum / Coosto, May 2017

Andy provides the attendees in the Graphical Literacy training with a clear cut overview of all aspects involved in creating visualisations that actually tell something. In a very interactive and humorous way, Andy shows a plethora of good and bad examples which gives you the mindset to do data visualisations properly in the future.

Edite Kalnina / Abbvie Baltics Latvia, March 2017

HR managers typically are very demanding auditorium in a training. The Data-viz Drawing session fully matched my expectations in all aspects – the training venue and communication by training organizer and the personality and style of the trainer. The workshop was made in an engaging and structured way – as a teacher by degree I can only compliment the teaching talent of the course author and methodological approach used. Data visualisation is now in fashion. Stefanie teaches and helps stimulate creativity with as simple tools as a paper and charcoal. Personal feedback by the trainer is insightful and precise.

Marjolein van Braam Morris / visueel facilitator en Betekenaar, March 2017

Voor het maken van tekeningen draai ik mijn hand inmiddels niet meer om, maar het tekenen van data? Dat leek me een enorme uitdaging. De eendaagse DataViz training van Stefanie Posavec maakte het laagdrempelig, eenvoudig en haalbaar. Gewoon, stap voor stap. Aanrader voor iedereen die informatie achter data begrijpelijker en zelfs inspirerend wil maken!

Mary Jane Flores / Booking.com, March 2017

Infographic Storytelling with Valentina d’Efilippo was a good introductory training for me to get an overview of the tools and ways that can be used to formulate a story of the data graphically. The activities with paper, pencil and colored pens were fun. It was interesting to see that with the same task to do, people can have different versions/ways of presenting the story. Thank you Goof for organizing this type of training plus the great location in Utrecht.

Frans Geurts / Infogram, December 2016

Ik heb veel kennis, inspiratie maar ook bevestiging opgedaan in de tweedaagse training van Andy Kirk. De drie principes van een goede visualisatie, geloofwaardigheid, bereikbaarheid en elegantie, lopen als een rode draad door zijn training. Met een schat aan voorbeelden worden deze principes ondersteund. Dat resulteert uiteindelijk voor een zeer gestructureerde ontwerpaanpak. En, niet onbelangrijk, Andy is bovenal een onwijs aardige en benaderbare trainer. Kortom: een aanrader voor iedereen die zich op het, steeds breder wordende, pad van datavisualisatie begeeft.

Thomas Höllt / TU Delft, December 2016

I took part in the DataViz Drawing workshop with Stefanie Posavec. The organisation could not have been better. Starting with direct and friendly communication from the first email to the chocolate on the desk; the organisers went out of their ways to make the participants feel welcome. Stefanie is a fantastic tutor. Her enthusiasm for her work is incredible and very motivating. I had a lot of fun during the workshop and got so many inspirations for my daily work, that I can’t wait to apply.

Laura de Jong, December 2016

De training Graphical Literacy heeft mijn ogen geopend. Met enthousiasme, veel eigen voorbeelden en een goede dosis humor neemt Andy Kirk je mee in de wereld van datavisualisatie. Door de opdrachten blijft de kennis nog beter hangen. Het waren twee goed georganiseerde en inspirerende dagen. Na de cursus kon ik niet wachten om zelf aan de slag te gaan!

Wouter Bovelander / Nova Silva, December 2016

I went into the “Dear-Data” training with an open mind and came to be inspired. Thinking about art based on data is a new concept for me and is definitely challenging and fun. Spending a day in a beautiful location, coming up with my own graphical language and rules went by in no time flat. Awesome lunch by the way!

Marina Noordegraaf, December 2016

The training by Stefanie Posavec from DearData was very inspirational to me. Great that Graphic Hunters managed to get her to come to Amsterdam for a full day workshop. Stefanie is an inspiring data artist. She obviously loves what she does and that alone gets you in the right mood for exploring your own boundaries. Stefanie transforms the heart of the data into rule based art. Her feedback is very clear. What is the story you want to tell? Can you still see the message you want to convey from a distance? The training helped me clear my thinking and get more creative with drawing data.

Joera Mulders, November 2016

De tweedaagse workshop met Andy Kirk was voor mij zeer waardevol. Ik ben als zelfstandig programmeur iemand die al ontdekkend en experimenterend een bestaand vakgebied inrolt. Het is dan heel fijn om in twee dagen een helder kader te krijgen van de do’s en donts en zo in mijn werk toch te kunnen leunen op de ervaring van anderen. Daarnaast is het ook leuk, interessant en leerzaam om samen met de andere cursusgenoten opdrachtjes uit te voeren.

Ronald Bremer / Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), October 2016

Infographic Storytelling is een zeer inhoudelijk goede training met een deskundige en enthousiaste trainer. Ik ging afgevuld met kennis, ervaring en veel bruikbare informatie naar huis.

Karin Sanders van Heijst / Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), October 2016

Ik heb veel inspiratie en kennis opgedaan bij de training infographic storytelling van Graphic Hunters. De enorme schat van kennis en ervaring van de trainer Valentina D’Efilippo zorgde voor een enorme dynamiek in de groep. In hoog tempo werden wij, als deelnemers, heel systematisch stap voor stap meegenomen in de wereld van infographics en de waarde van storytelling daarbij. Uiteindelijk ging ik naar huis met veel inspiratie, veel kennis, nieuwe vaardigheden en praktische tools. Een echte aanrader!

Kees Luijkx / Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland (IKNL), June 2016

De tweedaagse workshop Information Graphics For Print And Online was heel inspirerend en heeft ons (ik en mijn collega’s) erg op weg geholpen. De organisatie van de workshop was uitstekend. Op een mooie locatie met een prettige werkomgeving en goede lunches! De groep cursisten was prima. Groot genoeg om veel verschillende invalshoeken aanwezig te hebben. En klein genoeg om veel persoonlijke interactie te kunnen hebben. Bovendien is het erg leuk om in contact te komen met mensen met vergelijkbare interesses (dataviz!), maar compleet andere achtergronden. De cursusleider bracht een flinke dosis ervaring en kennis mee, en bood ruimte om als groep met de materie te stoeien. Naast de inspiratie hebben we er o.a. geleerd om met verschillende visualisatie-tools aan de slag te gaan en scherper gekregen wat een visualisatie goed maakt, of juist minder goed. De extra die de cursusleider, Juan Velasco, verder nog inbracht, waren de aspecten van dataviz die het juist tot een klassiek ambacht maken. Of zelfs een kunstvorm. Los van alle fancy tools die je tegenwoordig kunt gebruiken. En dan kom je toch weer mooi terug tot de essentie. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden!

Nadieh Bremer / Adyen, June 2016

Bij de 2-daagse training “Information Graphics For Print And Online” van Juan Velasco ben ik ontzettend geïnspireerd door alle prachtige voorbeelden van zijn werk bij National Geographic en de New York Times. Daarnaast heb ik ook veel praktische kennis opgedaan om goede en informatieve infographics te ontwikkelen. Maar ook mede door de compacte groepsgroote, prachtige locatie en goede afwisseling van presentaties en oefeningen was dit een van de beste trainingen die ik heb gevolgd.

Antonella Seguna, March 2016

I was very lucky to participate in the training ‘Effective Data Communication’ with Dr Stephanie Evergreen organised by Graphic Hunters in March 2016. The 2-day training was excellent and very hands-on. Learnt a lot of new tricks and tips on the best visual ways to communicate my data by thinking-outside-the-box, away from the default excel and powerpoint forms. The trainer had plenty of examples and experiences to share. And the training venue added brilliantly to the friendly and informal atmosphere. I would recommend the training to those working on publications, reports, presentations, web and other material/mediums requiring to display tables and data to create more impact with your data.

Jonneke de Koning / Symphony EYC, March 2016

De training Effective Data Communication door Stephanie Evergreen is heel goed bevallen. Door deze training ben ik beter in staat om complexe analyses op een simpele manier te delen, waardoor anderen ze beter en sneller begrijpen. Ook is de training “hands on”, wat ik geleerd heb kan ik direct toepassen in mijn werk. Tot slot, Stephanie zelf is een inspirerende trainer, de dagen zelf zijn ook nog leuk om mee te maken.

Annemarie Arensen / Daad en Raad, November 2015

De training Infographic Storytelling had de perfecte combinatie van zeer goede informatie (zowel inhoudelijk als vormtechnisch) en het zelf opdoen van ervaring. De trainer wist alles heel goed over te brengen en ik ben naar huis gegaan met het gevoel echt iets te kunnen met de opgedane kennis. Dit was echt een van de beste trainingen die ik in jaren heb gehad!

Marjolein van Dijk / Maasstad Ziekenhuis, November 2015

De training Infographic Storytelling werd zeer professioneel gegeven door Valentina D’Efilippo. Zij begeleidt de groep deskundig, motiveert en enthousiasmeert en is naast een prettige persoon een inhoudsdeskundige met veel ervaring. De groep heeft aangegeven nog wat meer in te willen gaan op het maken van infographics voor beleid en werkprocessen. Graphic Hunters sprong meteen op deze gedeelde behoefte in door een terugkomochtend te organiseren.

Emily van de Vijver, November 2015

Infographic Storytelling van Valentina d’Efilippo was geweldig! Haar combinatie van kennis delen en zelf laten denken is inspirerend. Door deze workshop weet ik niet alleen meer, mijn kijken en denken is weer wat veranderd, zowel op dat wat ik om me heen zie en wat ik zelf maak.

Martijn Haan, May 2015

De workshop online data visualisation van Peter Cook (AnimatedData.co.uk) geeft een prima introductie in de basics van het programmeren van datavisualisaties. Je krijgt een ‘kijkje onder de motorkap’ bij applicaties als Openstreetmap.org en highcharts.com. Na een kort overzicht van de meest gangbare programmeertalen (html, css, svg, JavaScript, inclusief JS Libraries) ga je zelf aan de slag. Je leert op een basaal niveau hoe de code de visualisatie ‘maakt’. Gelukkig zijn er veel online datavisualisatietools waarvoor geen programmeerkennis nodig is. Maar het is goed te weten wat er onder de motorkap zo’n beetje gebeurt.

Judith de Venster / De Nederlandsche Bank, April 2015

Door een goede combinatie van inspirerende voorbeelden, praktische theorie en zelf aan de slag, leer je in één dag niet alleen de kracht van infographic storytelling, maar ook hoe je zelf snel ermee aan de slag kunt!

Jurrien de Jong, April 2015

De workshop met Valentina d’Efilippo is zeer de moeite waard. De dag biedt een goede introductie in het ontwerpproces van infographics, waarbij je als deelnemer zelf met potloden en stift aan de slag mag. Je krijgt de bouwstenen aangereikt om van data een verhaal te maken en dat te vertalen naar beeld. Het cursusmateriaal verwijst naar nuttige achtergronden, handige tools en uitdagende voorbeelden. Valentina zelf is erg enthousiast en bereid om haar kennis te delen. De locatie en catering zijn prima geregeld. Een zeer inspirerende en aangename dag.