1Why is it important to have good knowledge about visualizations?
There is a lot of information and data available nowadays; especially online. This information is often present in large quantities and is often very complex. One of the best ways to clarify this information is by visualizing it. In this way you can communicate quickly and effectively with your target audience.
2What kind of sessions do you offer?
Graphic Hunters offers training sessions aimed at telling a visual story. The focus will be on visual literacy and learning design rules. This can be on composition, color, annotation, etcetera. We will teach you the basic principles of visual communication, but we will also challenge you to come up with creative design solutions and push the bounderies. Some training are more focussed on the core principles (like Graphical Literacy and Infographic Storytelling). Some are a bit more advanced and challenge your current thinking about dataviz (like Data-viz Drawing and Finding Elegance). If you need advice about what training is most suitable for you, you can always contact Graphic Hunters.
3Who should participate at the training sessions?
Training sessions are open to anyone who wants to communicate information in a visual way. This applies, for example, to communication staff, researchers, designers, journalists, analysts, business intelligence employees and marketing staff.
4How much experience do you need to join in?
Basically all sessions are for beginners. You can follow each training without any prior knowledge of visual communication. The trainer mostly starts from a base and adjusts this (and speeds up) depending on the knowledge of the group. If a certain level in required to participate, it will be clearly mentioned on the website.
5What do I learn in one or two days?
By focusing on a subject for one or two days, there is sufficient time to learn for example a number of tools, to gain insight into a clear design and to experiment with the right narrative form to reach your target audience. You learn the essential skills needed to make a good visualization.

In addition, it is important to learn from the other participants as well. During the training we stimulate that participants meet each other and share their knowledge. Graphic Hunters also tries to plan some drinks with the trainer and the participants after the first day so everyone can meet each other in an informal way.
6Who are the trainers?
National and international trainers will give the training and will teach you how to tell a visual story with data. They are all experts in their field and have experience in delivering a training.
7Are the sessions all in English?
Graphic Hunters works closely together with experts from all over the world. Most sessions are in English. This will be explicitly mentioned in the description of the session.
8Do I have to bring my own laptop?
If you need a laptop for the training, it is better to bring your own. You know your own laptop better than a borrowed copy. Moreover, it is often necessary to install software. If you install this on your own laptop, you can continue to practice after the session. Both Apple and Windows laptops are fine for the sessions. Graphic Hunters does not have the opportunity to lend you a laptop.
9Can I get a personal advice to make the right choice for a training?
You can always fill in the contact form on the website with your specific question about a training. Graphic Hunters will contact you as soon as possible to advise you on the most suitable session.
10When will I know if a training has a final go?
We will notify you, no later than two weeks before the start of a training, whether we have enough participants. You will receive all necessary information (when there is a final go) by mail.
11Where do the training sessions take place?
All sessions take place in the center of Utrecht or Amsterdam. The exact location will be added on the website. Graphic Hunters wants to make sure that the location is easily accessible both by public transport and by car. It is also important, however, that the location has a pleasant atmosphere and vibe.
12How can I best prepare myself for a training?
For most training sessions there is no specific preparation in advance.

For some sessions it is nice if you can install the necessary software on your laptop in advance. When we confirm the training session you will receive a mail in which the software that is required is mentioned. Many of the software that we work with is already present on most laptops (like Excel) or can be downloaded for free (sometimes with a trial period; please keep this in mind when installing).

In addition, we will send you a list of books in preparation for a training session. It is not necessary to read of buy any books before the training, but it can help to already understand some terminology. The list can also be used when you finished the training and want to learn more on a certain topic.
13How is my personal data handled?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on May 25, 2018, sets stricter requirements for the way in which organizations deal with the personal data of third parties. Graphic Hunters also took a critical look at its privacy policy. If you register for a training, the newsletter or if you ask a question via the online contact form, you share your personal data.

Graphic Hunters would like to use your email address to send information about the training sessions.

We store your personal data that you provide through your registration in a locally stored Excel document. Your personal information for the newsletter is stored on the Mailchimp servers (which also complies with the GDPR). They take your privacy as seriously as we do and do not share your information with others.

You have the right to view, correct, delete or transfer the data that Graphic Hunters has of you at any time. You may also object to the processing of your data or request that we limit the processing of your data.

If you register for a training session, we will not share your information with third parties.

If you have a question, comment or complaint, please contact Graphic Hunters via info@graphichunters.nl or 0031-06-28383150.