Visualizing information is a skill that is becoming increasingly important nowadays. This applies, for example, for people working in the field of communication, research, design, analysis, journalism and marketing. Today, more and more information and data is available; especially online. Moreover, this information is often more complex. How to communicate quickly and clearly in a visual way?

Understanding the possibilities to visualize information is the central focus in the sessions offered by Graphic Hunters. Graphic Hunters will teach you the essential skills of for instance graphical literacy, infographic storytelling and online data visualizations in one day or two consecutive days. The sessions are at entry level, but there are opportunities for advanced sessions as well.

National and international trainers guide you in telling a visual story. Attention is paid to practical tools, a clear design and strong narrative forms to reach your target audience. Almost every training will be taught in English. In the sessions you also learn from each other. You have the chance to interact with others in the training and extend your network.

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Tailored training

Graphic Hunters can develop tailored courses that respond to your specific organisation, data or audience. Training is aimed at professionals who are interested in developing and improving their data storytelling capacities. Would you like one of the (international) trainers to deliver a training for your organisation, please contact Graphic Hunters.
If you have any questions about the sessions, please call, use the contact form or send an e-mail to info@graphichunters.nl

Graphic Hunters is an initiative of Goof van de Winkel. He has many years of experience in developing and implementing training sessions.


Graphic Hunters

CO2 compensation

Graphic Hunters merely works with trainers from abroad, who often travel by plane to the Netherlands specifically for the training. CO2 emissions from these trips will be compensated by Graphic Hunters by contributing to Trees for All (www.treesforall.nl).