€ 460 (VAT exempt) / including lunch.

Participants will receive a free copy of the e-book Step-by-Step Guide to Advanced Data Visualization.


The training is suitable for anyone who wants to gain more insight into the possibilities of data visualizations and ways to communicate effectively with the target group. The training is interesting for communication or marketing experts, data analysts, researchers and business intelligence experts who work in Excel and want to expand the capabilities of the tool and range of possible data visualizations.


This training will be offered in the first half of 2020 (with reservation). Keep an eye on the website or send a message via the Ask more info button and we keep you informed.
The training will take place at Mmousse in Amsterdam.

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Training Effective Data Communication in Excel

Everyone who works with data needs to communicate their findings, their analysis, and their conclusions. It could be in an internal briefing or memo, a management report, an annual report or a scientific article.

But how do you present your data in a powerful way? How do you achieve the goal of your presentation? How do you tell a story with your data to convince your reader or your audience? Knowledge about effective data communication is essential.

In this one-day workshop we explore how to expand the data visualization capacities of the Microsoft Excel software tool. Though there are more and more tools available to analyze and visualize data, Excel continues to be the leader in the field, used by millions around the world every day.

This training focuses on data visualization in Excel. You will learn how to extend the tool to create a number of new and exciting visualizations and templates, in which we look beyond the nondefault chart options.

Content training Effective Data Communication in Excel

In this hands-on training, you will learn how to create a number of new advanced graphs in Excel that not only will help you to bring your message across but will also expand your use of different graph types.

We start with some basic skills in Excel, but quickly move to more advanced data visualization techniques. The training covers some basic formulas such as INDEX, MATCH, and VLOOKUP; data importing features; in-cell charting and conditional formatting; and advanced data visualization techniques.

We will also pay attention to the graphic design. How do you make sure that your visualization is powerful and has the desired effect on your target audience? How do you ensure that all unnecessary information (clutter) is removed from the graph? Attention is paid to the redesign of graphs, so that you as a participant experience how you can change an existing visualization into a more powerful one. We apply this redesign in an exercise using Excel.

The focus of this training is to make simple clear data visualizations. Increase your knowledge of dataviz in Excel, bring your data to life, choose the right visual form and convince your audience. The knowledge that you gain in this training can be applied directly in your daily work.

Some basic knowledge of Excel is essential. Attendees should bring a laptop with Excel already installed. The instructor will provide files for use prior to the class.


Jonathan Schwabish is one of the leading experts in the field of data visualization. On his website PolicyViz he writes widely about the developments in the field. He also hosts the popular PolicyViz podcast and offers private and public data visualization and presentation skills workshops.

Jonathan is generally known for calling for clarity and accessibility in research and has written on various aspects of how to best visualize data including technical aspects of creation, design best practices, and how to communicate social science research in more accessible ways.

Jonathan Schwabish is currently working as a senior fellow at the Urban Institute’s Income and Benefits Center in Washington, DC.

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