Meet-up met Aurelia Moser

Ben je fan van data en kaarten? Kom dan naar de gratis meet-up met Aurelia Moser (USA) op donderdagmiddag 11 mei in Amsterdam.

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Interview met Dominikus Baur

Dominikus Baur is a data visualisation expert and interaction designer from Germany. He creates usable, aesthetic and responsive visualisations for desktops, tablets and smartphones. In September he will deliver a training in Utrecht on Online Data Visualisation. Dominikus: “Visualisation people – like all experts –... Lees meer

Interview met Benjamin Wiederkehr

Benjamin Wiederkehr is an Interaction Designer with a focus on information visualisation and interface design. With his work, he simplifies complex data and tells stories with a meaningful impact. In February he will deliver a training in Utrecht on Designing User-Centered Visualisations. Benjamin: “The designer’... Lees meer

Interview met Stefanie Posavec

Stefanie Posavec is a designer for whom data is her favoured material, with projects ranging from data visualisation and information design to commissioned data art. In December she will deliver a training in Amsterdam on Data-viz drawing. Stefanie: “Drawing is democratic: anyone can pick u... Lees meer

Interview Met Jon Schwabish

Jon Schwabish (USA) is a Senior Research Associate at The Urban Institute’s Income and Benefits Policy Center and founder of PolicyViz, a website to help people communicate research, analysis and ideas in a better way. In October he will deliver a three day training in Utrecht on the Lees meer

Interview Met Caroline Beavon

Caroline Beavon (UK) is a visual journalist and graphic designer. In Februari she will run a training on Infographic Storytelling in Utrecht. Caroline: “We have different motives for showing the audience the data in the first place”.

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Interview Met Andy Kirk

Andy Kirk is a freelance data visualisation specialist and responsible for the website Visualising data. In May he will deliver a training on Graphical literacy in Utrecht. For his new book Andy has interviewed various professionals from data visualisation and related fields.... Lees meer