Effective data communication

Everyone who works with data, needs to present it every once in a while. This could be in a management report, an annual report or a scientific article.

But how do you present your data in a powerful way? How do achieve the aim of your presentation? How do you tell a story with the data in a way that it is convincing to your target audience? Knowledge about effective data communication is essential.

Crystal clear charts and graphs are valuable. They help your audience to understand the information. Furthermore, you will make sure that your audience gets involved in the topic.

In this training we work with different types of data visualisations. We look at the basics of graphic design and focus on practical aspects, so in the end you can design a good data visualisation yourself. With the ultimate goal: to have impact on your audience.

Course description

In this training you will get an overview of the most common ways to visualize data in Excel. We will investigate how communication with data works most effectively.

The first day we will focus on the theoretical framework. The trainer will share her expertise on the research she has done on data visualisations. Based on this research she has developed a four step approach in making the right visual choices. We will walk through some common stories and the chart types that best showcase them, using a one page chart chooser developed by Stephanie Evergreen. There is also plenty of time for practical exercises. We will construct some nondefault chart options (and templates) in Excel.

The second day we will dive into the details of the graphs. Based on a dataviz checklist, we will look ateffective ways to communicate with data and at the impact on your target audience. We also explore new ways to present graphs in other reporting mechanism like Powerpoint and dashboards.

During both training days there is plenty of time to redesign your own visualisations and make them more effective.

The focus of this training is to make simple but clear data visualisations. Bring your data to life, choose the right visual form and convince your audience.

The following questions are addressed to in the training:

  • what important principles apply when visualising data?
  • which steps do you need to take to make an effective data visualisation?
  • which steps do you need to take to make an effective data visualisation?
  • how do you place a visualisation inside a slide, a report page or a dashboard?
  • how can you design a data visualisation in a way it will communicate?



Stephanie Evergreen (USA) is a consultant, researcher, designer, blogger and trainer (www.stephanieevergreen.com). Her research on how visualisations communicate, is the basis of her training and consultancy. She helps organisations to visualise their data and to effectively tell a story with them. In 2013 she published her book Presenting Data Effectively. Her second book Effective Data Visualization is released in 2016.


The price of this course will be announced shortly.

Target audience

The training is suitable for those who want to gain more insight in visualisations and ways to communicate with it. The training could be interesting for communications or marketing staff, data analysts, researchers and business intelligence.

Practical information

This training will be offered soon.
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