Designing User-Centered Visualisations

When we design visualisations it’s mandatory to keep in mind our audience. Only if we understand who they are, are we able to cater our work towards their needs and capabilities. This training provides the participants with the basics for creating visualisations for real people with real impact.

You will become familiar with the principles of user-centered and data-driven design. To do this, we review the theory and background of two disciplines, User Experience Design and Data Visualisation. We will learn about the tools and techniques to design with the user in mind. Based on this theoretical foundation, we will then apply some of these methods in exercises to see the benefits first-hand.

Course description

We will start with different methods of user research to build up our understanding for the target audience. Once we know who we want to design for, we will learn how to describe the scenarios our audience lives and works in. This fundamental understanding will then be used to inform design decisions when we create visualisations. Finally, we will apply methods from user testing to evaluate our design choices and identify opportunities for improvements.
During this training, participants will apply these methods, critique each other, and get feedback from the trainer. The goal is, that all participants can take away the learned methods and apply them independently in their own work.

The following topics will be covered in the workshop:

  • Fundamental principles of data visualisation
  • Understanding how users perceive visualisations
  • Understanding how users interact with visualisations
  • Practicing empathy through user research
  • Observing perception and interaction with user testing
  • Writing personas and scenarios for your audience
  • Defining the job-to-be-done for your visualisation
  • Bringing together goals, methods, and metrics
  • Merging data-driven and user-centric processes



























Benjamin Wiederkehr is an Interaction Designer with a focus on information visualisation and interface design. With his work, he explores opportunities to innovate through the combination of design and technology, to simplify complex data in order to raise awareness, as well as to tell stories with an open intent and meaningful impact. Benjamin is the founding partner and managing director of Interactive Things, a design and technology studio in Zurich (Switzerland).


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This training will be offered soon.

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