Core Principles of Visual Communication

Data visualisations play a crucial role in the work of researchers, analysts, journalists and communication experts. Organisations that collect, analyse and publish information and data, can often communicate more effectively with their data when they have more knowledge of the visual possibilities.

Through successive workshops you will get more insight in how you can communicate information effectively to your target audience. The workshops are aimed at various graphic forms and their applications, creating clear visualisations with Excel, effectively communicating information with your audience and first steps in creating interactive visualisations.

Course description

The training offers participants a hands-on approach to work visually. You become familiar with the different options to visualise information and in which situation which option can be applied.

There is broad attention to the basic principles of visual communication. The theory is interchanged with plenty of hands-on tasks where participants work individually or in small groups. We use the power of storytelling to tell a visual story. We look at the possibilities of making effective visualisations in Excel. And we take initial steps towards making interactive visualisations.

We complete the training with visualising (individually or in groups) your own data or information. You will use the knowledge of the training to search for new visual solutions in your own work. Your design or redesign will be discussed and you will receive feedback.

During the training the following subjects will be covered:

Day 1

  • Purpose of data visualisations
  • Visual perception and the importance of data visualisation
  • Overview of various graphic forms
  • Best practices and strategies for effective visualisations
  • Critical thinking
  • Visual design

Day 2

  • Form and function
  • Interactive visualisations and animations
  • Visualisations in Excel (Part 1)

Day 3

  • Visualisations in Excel (Part 2)
  • Interactieve visualisaties en animatie
  • Re-design of a visualisation (individually or in groups)


Jon Schwabish (USA) is one of the leading persons in the field of data visualisation. On his website he blogs about the developments in this profession. He is also the host of a popular radio podcast on data visualisation (policyviz podcast) and the founder of the website, a platform where people can give feedback to each other on the visualisations they have made. Jon Schwabish also delivers training and workshops. He currently works as a senior researcher at the Urban Institute’s Income and Benefits Policy Centre in Washington.


The price of this course will be announced shortly.

Target audience

The training is suitable for anyone who needs to visualise or present information such as data, processes, concepts or stories. This could include engineers, designers, marketeers, product managers, communication professionals, academics / teachers, technical writers, business and functional analysts and other business people.

Practical information

This training will be offered soon.

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